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Airbrush Makeup Application


     Recording artist and makeup guru TanreonnaJ.(Neyah Sohle) established Ame Unique in Louisiana. TanreonnaJ (NeyahSohle) wow the world with not only her amazing voice, but also her perfectly precise makeup applications she applied on herself. She knew what normal brands were lacking and decided to infuse those missing attributes into her own brand. She worked with international chemist in various labs across the U.S to create a line of undeniable products at affordable prices for the professional and non-professional makeup artists around the world.

     Once developed Neyah teamed up with international Cosmetologist and makeup artists of the stars Narinya Degetaire to take Ame Unique Internationally. Narinya is an Asian Icon of the cosmetology community in Pattaya Thailand. This team has managed to be the direct competitor of major brands globally. Ame Unique is available in the United States, Asia, and France. Serving not only consumers, but also stars and top ranked professional makeup artists. This line is predicted to be the 5-star brand of the entertainment industry and expected to surpass older more expensive brands that are found in shopping malls and big box retailers.

     The line is branded around the amazing personality of TanreonnaJ.(Neyah Sohle). Each product has been influenced by the lifestyle of the everyday woman in all aspects of existence. The names, colors, and quality embody the attitude of beauty, elegance, intelligence, strength, and individuality. It separates the uniqueness of every woman and unites the excellence at the same time. These products are made to contribute and enhance self-beauty in every application. She has products designed with every woman in mind.

     If you enjoy nightlife, corporate events, church, are just looking extra great to go out shopping this line of products have something of unmatched quality especially for you. Here at Ame Unique we understand that beauty speaks for itself and is unquestionable. When your beauty is questioned, just remain silent and “SAY IT WITH YOUR FACE”.

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