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Masque Lashes ( Queenship)


Here ye, Here Ye. Your Queenship has arrived! Inspired by MUA TanreonnaJ.Artistry. This unique design uses multiple clusters to deliver an on the throne type feel, perfect for any occasion and Extremely Light Weight. Comes with keep safe mask ( Colorful mask is for decoration only)


100% Mink

Strip Lash

Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)

Cruelty Free


What it does:

Masque Lashes by Ame Unique Cosmetics are glamorous and dramatic lashes. They are suited to fit any and all eye shapes. These lashes are super light weight and comfortable for all-day wear. The are constructed with the finest attention to detail and quality construction.


Suggested Usage:

  • -Prepare your look, curl your lashes and apply mascara before applying.
  • -Carefully remove the lashes from the mask.
  • -Pull from the band on one end of the lash, never pulling on the lashes themselves.
  • -Measure for sizing.
  • -Place a layer of non-permanent glue and allow to dry for a few seconds making sure it is a bit tacky.
  • -Allow lashes to dry in place


Voila! your Masque is on.

Masque Lashes ( Queenship)

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